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Pulham Paint uses premium paints from Sherwin-Williams.

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Interior and Exterior Painter and Handyman:

Popcorn Texture Removal -- Popcorn texture has not been popular since the 1990's so we frequently have homeowners who want it removed and updated. A professional should remove the popcorn texture. One reason the popcorn texture was popular was that it covered imperfections in the drywall; so, removing the texture often also requires drywall repairs. 

Drywall hanging and drywall repair

Drywall finishing -- Tape, bed and make walls and ceilings smooth

Seamless wall repair

Texture walls and ceilings -- any type of texture including crow's foot, orange peel, knock down and custom textures.

Prep, prime and paint walls and ceilings

Paint or repaint any interior area or exterior area including walls, ceilings, cabinets, doors, trim, moldings

Custom color matching

Wallpaper removal

Carpentry repairs including installing beams, trim, doors, cabinets and repairing wood rot damage

Minor electrical: Installing new lighting fixtures, replacing plugs and switches

Minor plumbing: replacing faucets and drains

Replacing or repairing windows and doors

Staining any type of wood, trim or fencing

Kitchen Remodeling Services:

A kitchen without doubt is a main focal point in your home and most older homes have a kitchen that needs improvements. Some recommendations on how we can add a touch of elegance to an outdated kitchen may be to remove old fluorescent light fixtures and install LED can lights; remove popcorn texture; and repaint kitchen cabinets with a subtle contrast in color on the upper and lower cabinets. 

Bathroom Remodeling Services:

Remodeling, updating and improving your bathroom without doubt will add value to your home. Some recommendations on how we can improve your bathroom may be to install a new tub or walk in shower; upgrade lights to more efficient LED fixtures to enhance light quality and reduce electricity use; remove popcorn texture from the ceiling and re-texture with a splatter knock down texture or a texture to match existing walls; replace fixtures and sink cabinets or repaint/stain  existing cabinets.